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Mirrored Souls

Developer: The Bricks Studio

In this 2D “single-player-coop” puzzle-platformer, players have to reunite Ravi and Daru, two celestial beings separated in a mirrored world. Control both characters at the same time in a mirrored screen while jumping and pushing your way through a bevy of beautifully illustrated scenarios to solve challenging, mind-bending Braid-like puzzles. Discover a variety of pretty locations that brings up the duality of both characters while developing your cognitive skills and spatial vision as you cross portals to bring them together in a thoughtful, sensitive story-driven experience.



Single Player Coop
Control both characters at the same time and challenge your coordination, perception and problem-solving skills.

Handcrafted illustrations
Beautifully drawn scenarios with different challenges and elements that compliments the narrative

Mind-Bending Puzzles
Explore the possibilities of a unique mirrored mechanic to the maximum to get through each carefully crafted level

Beautiful Story
Unravel a thoughtful story about the complexities of love and how it can change our lifes

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