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Developer: ARTFICIAL

HOLYHUNT is a roguelike shooter game that unites the nostalgic and fun 8-bit aesthetic with modern and deep shooting mechanics. Make your way into the church hall to shoot and dash-holy-punch through different species of demons and bosses with unique mechanics that keeps challenging your abilities each run. Buy improvements and different bullets suited to exploit your enemies weakness and recieve blessings from angels as you keep fighting to get even stronger. Trust your faith and keep shooting to save the world from the doomsday prophecy!!



8-Bit Love Letter
Relive the nostalgia of an 8-bit game with a modern and challenging arena gameplay.

Roguelite meets Old School
Shoot your way through a large variety of demons in a fast-paced roguelike structure that encourages the player to improve and understand enemies in each run while keeping its 8-bit feel.

Bullet-Driven Strategic Gameplay 
Earn and change on-the-fly the different types of bullets that best fits your enemies weakness.

Holy Risk-Reward 
Finish staggered enemies with a risky melee Holy Punch to earn bullets, and use bullets to get enemies Staggered. Maybe you'll even receive blessings from angels?

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