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Developer: Dopamine Game Studio


1980's Paperboy meets 2020's Food Delivery Service! Inspired by the classic Paperboy, Foodboy gets players to deliver pizzas in urban environments in an exciting arcade format. Make perfect deliveries and knock out furious customers to get the highest scores and unlock new cities and challenges!



Pick Up and Play
A wholesome pizza delivery arcade game that everyone can play! Ride your bike through different streets, try to keep balance and avoid obstacles to make more deliveries and get the highest scores

Paperboy meets the 2020s
Foodboy brings a mixture of classic arcade elements with a modern, smooth gameplay. Throw pizzas at your costumers to make perfect deliveries and knock out enemies to get the highest scores!


Made in Brazil
A fun soundtrack and modern brazilian references allow everyone to know a little bit more about brazilian street culture!

Earn your pay
Pizza-throw your way through 4 different worlds with unique challenges and aim for the perfect scores!

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