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sweet experiences

We are a video games publisher that aims to deliver short and sweet premium console games, delivering a fun and carefree experience that is financially affordable and fits into any gamer's schedule, all while empowering small game developers from all over the world. 

The games market can be quite difficult to enter, especially for underpriviliged countries, which in addition to the usual difficulties of developing and launching a game, there are also obstacles related to the lack of access, knowledge in the area and financing. With 10 years of experience in the market, Flux Games has seen an opportunity to help and encourage small studios to publish and develop their games, after hosting the SP Pro Game Jam event at Sao Paulo.


When hosting the Game Jam back in 2021, the company saw such promising talent and exciting game concepts there that they realized there was an opportunity to bring these games to a wider audience regardless of the developers’ experiences. All four games in the initial line-up of games were born in that Game Jam, and passionately crafted since then to reach a global console market. As developers themselves, Flux always wished they had opportunities like this in their early days, so they are working hard to give these new, talented developers a real chance to succeed.

Short N Sweet aspires to be a label that will provide opportunities, no matter the developers previous experience, to get their names out there with scope-aware products that will generate both fun and revenue. Transparent relationships are one of the company's core pillars to foster a strong, healthy community of developers and consumers.

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